The BigPiggin’ VIP Pass

Admission to the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party is free, with award-winning barbecue and Southern-inspired fare from the country’s top pitmasters available for purchase.

Upgrade your experience with a BigPiggin’ VIP Pass, for a barbecue heaven of eats, drinks, and first-class spoils while you live it up at the Block Party:

BigPiggin' Pass $275 COMING SOON
BigPiggin' Pass $275 COMING SOON

Meet The Pitmasters

Not just any ‘ol chefs – our featured Pitmasters are local legends hailing from all over, and you’ll have a chance to oink it up with these famous ‘cue experts.

All The ‘Cue, Brought To You

Kick back and rest those busy feet, while we sample out all of the ‘cue from the pits in the street!

Catered Buffet & Libations

Grub ‘til your heart’s content with an all-day Southern-inspired catered buffet and beer, wine and speciality libations.

Hang Out In Hog Heaven

Get treated to a shaded lounge, picnic seating, and air-conditioned Comfort Station bathrooms while you indulge!

We’re also throwing in some smokin’ hot giveaways throughout the day.
With all these BigPiggin’ VIP perks, how can you resist?