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Baker's Ribs
Dallas, TX

Menu: St Louis Ribs w/ Coleslaw

Joe Duncan is a longtime veteran of the country’s barbecue circuit – stretching back to 1979 –which makes him somewhat of an authority on Texas BBQ. Prior to opening Baker’s Ribs in Dallas in 1989, he served as Chef/Owner of BBQ-centric restaurants in Lake Worth and East Texas. 28 years later, with ten locations across Texas and Minneapolis, Baker’s Ribs remains a family-owned neighborhood restaurant renowned for its excellent Texas-style BBQ.
Baker’s Ribs is known for its “St. Louis Cut” ribs boasting a sweet rib rub, great smoke, and dark crust. As Joe says, Baker’s Ribs is anchored by an eternal flame, with the fires kept alive every day of the year – 24/6/265 – so the restaurant can continue to serve over 750,000 lbs of lovingly-smoked barbecue across ten locations annually.
In addition to Baker’s Ribs, Joe Duncan is the brains behind those irresistible Fried Pies. Joe spent years searching high and low for the most incredible fried pies in the South, before he struck culinary gold when he discovered the best in the game – Original Fried Pie Shop. Today, The Original Fried Pie Shop bakeries lives in select Baker’s Ribs locations so guests can enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth, rich and overflowing fried pies – both savory and sweet.
2016 marks the ninth year Joe and his Baker’s Ribs family will participate in the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. Baker’s Ribs, in partnership with Original Fried Pie Shop, will serve up award-winning ribs and special jalapeño coleslaw along with delicious fruit pies. Guests will go through 6,000 lbs of ribs and 6,000 homemade fried pies from Baker’s Ribs and Original Fried Pie Shop alone over the two-day long festival.